Meet Stephanie Kontzamanys


Resourceful and innovative, Stephanie is skilled in asking the right questions that produce positive and tangible results.  Her zest for excellence is evident in developing communication tools that work and grow your brand.


Stephanie undertakes all her projects, regardless of size, with equal parts passion, expertise and experience, and true to her Greek-American roots, a big dash of Meraki .


A seasoned professional and a great communicator, Stephanie has created sales solutions for hundreds of clients in Print, Radio, TV and Digital.  Her first-hand knowledge, and hands-on approach in all aspects of marketing, content and branding is critical in developing winning strategies that are the right fit for you.


With a sales management career spanning decades in the South Florida media market she has mentored countless professionals and nurtured a vast network of connections.


Stephanie has worked with a wide variety of local and national clients and is highly respected for her expertise in the U.S. Hispanic Media market.  Click Here to view Stephanie's full resumé.

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